Glaucoma Screening and Co-Management

Glaucoma is the silent thief of sight, stealing peripheral and central focus, without people noticing.  A simple “puff test” is not enough these days, an up to date optometrist knows that in order to be sure about the risk of losing vision to glaucoma, more needs to be done. We are the only eye care professionals in the Boland who offer Nerve Fibre Layer analysis that tells us immediately whether glaucoma is a problem or not. This service is normally only available from ophthalmology but we invest in technology to make top notch eye care available to our customers at an affordable rate.


We assess the following for glaucoma:

  • Nerve Fibre Scans with OCT
  • Anterior chamber angle measurement with  OCT
  • Optic Nerve Head indexing with  OCT
  • Contact Tonometry for screening purposes or to assess treatment success
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