The Nuvision Experience

Your Eye Examination

At NUVISION we do a comprehensive eye test which includes distance and near vision assessments, explanation of your prescription findings. We also examine the health of your eyes to exclude pathology and other possible causes of reduced vision.

Retinal Photography

Examining the retina for early signs of disease like macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma, to name a few, is essential for good eye health. We do retinal imaging as part of our standard eye examination and keep the stored images for future comparisons.

Glaucoma Screening

A gradual painless loss of vision, we screen for this as often as needed for those with raised intr-ocular pressures. Glaucoma testing is also part of our normal eye examination.

Contact Lenses

We provide all major soft contact lens brands. We also cater for specialised contact lens fittings such as rigid gas permeable lenses (hard lenses), hybrid lenses (combination hard/soft lenses) and scleral lenses.

Children Examinations

We do comprehensive children screening and examinations from 4yrs old with appropriate referral to an ophthalmologist or OT where needed. Lizelle is our pediatric optometrists who can also perform a VISIGRAPH test if required.

Spectacle Lens advice and Technology

With the latest in cutting edge lens designs, materials and coatings, we are able to provide a choice tailored to your needs, whether it be a simple reading or distance prescription to the highly individualised progressive lens options. We guarantee your visual satisfaction with the ability to provide the latest in lens design and enhancements. We are aligned with the major lens manufacturers in the world including Seiko, Hoya, Carl Zeiss and Essilor.

Frame Choice

With constantly replenished stock and up to date fashion and trends, we are able to provide frame choices to suit the trendsetter, the fashionistas and the more conservative individuals alike. Budget options are also available. We pride ourselves in bringing something different to the boland with brands like BLACK FIN, WOOW, PRODESIGN and VINYL FACTORY.

After care

We provide a complementary aftercare service for any pair of spectacles bought at our store- we replace nose pads, temple tips and do adjustments as needed.

Referrals to Ophthalmologists

We have great relationships with the Eye specialist in the area and are able to direct any serious ocular problems to the appropriate doctor. We are fortunate to have Tygerberg hospital’s opthalmology department for those in need without medical aid support.