Diabetic Eye Screening

If you are diabetic or insulin resistant it is advisable to have your retinas assessed for diabetic eye disease, also known as diabetic retinopathy. To do this effectively you optometrist or eye care professional needs to scan the deeper layers of the retina with an instrument called an OCT, it is similar to going for an MRI but the OCT is used for ocular scans. Here at Nuvision we have invested in the latest OCT from NIDEK. We also do retinal photography in addition with our fundus camera.


We assess the following for diabetics:

  • Refractive changes and cataract development, which both occur more frequently in diabetic eyes
  • Diabetic retinopathy scans with OCT
  • Fundus Photography with fundus camera
  • We do a full diabetic report you can present to other specialists managing your diabetes
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Closeup of a healthy eye